Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Buffalo Creek Park Trail Moving Along

   The work on the Buffalo Creek Park Trail is progressing nicely.  At present, Trail Dynamics has completed the ground work of our Type II trail, with 3.5 miles of distance.  The Type II trail is a loop trail that has an average grade of about 3%, which is a deceiving number because there are some fairly steep climbs in a couple of places.  The trail terrain is very variable with a lot of up and down.  Topography has been a huge factor in layout and construction of the Type II trail  due to the steep ravines and gullies that occur everywhere on the property.  Currently Trail Dynamics is working on completing two stream crossings which will be elevated boardwalk.  Once these two crossings are complete, the trail will be open for users.  It should be noted that currently, parking is very limited with no parking on the Rumbling Bald Resort side and only space for about four vehicles on the Buffalo Creek Road side.  The Town will hopefully be addressing this issue very shortly. 
The Yellow loop trail with the red line through the middle of it is the completed trail.  The trail west and the Green loop will come as we continue to develop the property.  A trail profile is provided so it's possible to see the terrain changes as you ride or hike.  We believe this will be a unique experience for riders and hikers alike that are looking for something a little more challenging and remote than some of the other hiking opportunities found in Hickory Nut Gorge.

   If you want, feel free to take the picture tour by checking out the links to my Picasa album.  Every aspect of construction from beginning to end has been photo documented.  The album will give viewers an idea of just how difficult and challenging the terrain is for constructing trail.

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